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 CQC and into the future

In April this year CQC (the Governments regulatory body) came out again to inspect us at Donisthorpe Hall and we have recently had the final report issued in relation to this. CQC recognised the hard work our team has put in and moved the home’s rating up from “inadequate” to “requires improvement”. CQC can only raise grades by one level at a time and we are immensely proud of the work we have done to date and have no doubt that as we move forward our hard work will continue to produce the sort of results CQC is looking for.

The decision was taken over the past 12 months to halt admissions into Donisthorpe until we were confident in our ability to safely care for the needs of additional residents. In the light of this recent report from CQC we are now in that position and happy to accept admissions for both respite and permanent moves subject to our admissions policy. If you are interested please get in contact for more information.

Over recent weeks the management team at Donisthorpe have put together an ambitious but achievable plan to enable the charity to break even on a monthly basis, something which has not happened since 2014. In order to meet this we are seeking to fill 13 private resident vacancies as part of a managed process to slowly increase our occupancy whilst continuing to provide a caring and stable home for our current residents.

Although we have “turned the corner” from a care perspective, this has not come without cost. With the focus of the Home having been on improving its ratings we have not had the focus on fundraising and income generation that we have had in previous years. In particular over the past few years we have been immensely fortunate to receive donations and legacies averaging approximately £500,000 per year, however in the current year it was not felt appropriate to carry out significant fundraising with our CQC rating as it had been. As such the amounts raised from donations are significantly below £100,000 and this shortfall has placed considerable strain on our finances.

Like the vast majority of charities we rely on donations to support our charitable activities, for us at Donisthorpe they enable us to support an increased number of residents from whom we don’t require fee top-ups. This is a key focus of Donisthorpe and one that we feel is integral to what we are about as an organisation and community.

Alongside these endeavours we would like to reach out to the community, the relatives of residents past and present and others who feel, like we do, that Donisthorpe is providing an invaluable resource to our residents; mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and colleagues. We are asking for donations be it money or time to give us what extra support you can; we see Donisthorpe as a community resource and we want to strengthen these ties and ensure Donisthorpe is here in another 100 years. We urge you to support in whatever way you can and the team here are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Caring, openness and honesty are the key attributes that we want to become self-evident at Donisthorpe and, as we move forward together, we hope you get a sense of their growing importance to us as an organisation and individually as members of the wider Donisthorpe community.

Yvonne Gosset
Chief Execuitve
0113 2684248

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Donisthorpe Hall provides residential, nursing and dementia care for a maximum of 189 residents. Care is provided in seven specialist units. The home has a longstanding association with the Jewish community in Leeds but also offers care to people of other faiths or beliefs.

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