John’s up for a challenge

I’m up for a challenge, Candace, if I know what the challenge is — or is that the challenge, not knowing the challenge beforehand? I guess it’s walking for 24-hours. Now, if it was talking for 24-hours I know quite…

and a word from John

Journalist, actor, photographer, broadcaster and raconteur possibly but a b-u-t-c-h-e-r certainly not. It’s true I was a partner in my father’s meat and delicatessen business, and I did use my little cleaver to chop chops, and cut a mean brisket…

New Year, New Web Site, New Blog

New blog? Have never blogged before so let’s jump in. Hope the water is lovely!! So here is 2014 and I am delighted to tell you that John Fisher – (journalist, actor, raconteur and butcher par exellence and I will…

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Donisthorpe Hall provides residential, nursing and dementia care for a maximum of 189 residents. Care is provided in seven specialist units. The home has a longstanding association with the Jewish community in Leeds but also offers care to people of other faiths or beliefs.

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