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Journalist, actor, photographer, broadcaster and raconteur possibly but a b-u-t-c-h-e-r certainly not.
It’s true I was a partner in my father’s meat and delicatessen business, and I did use my little cleaver to chop chops, and cut a mean brisket from time to time, but I could never stand the sight of b-l-o-o-d.
It’s not widely known but I once fainted while watching Dr Kildare on TV.
The doctor who attended to me was also watching the programme and was thinking that the operation Dr K was performing on screen might be a bit much for some viewers — so he wasn’t surprised to get the call out. He wrote about the experience to the YEP and his It Happened To Me piece won him ten shillings and six pence. Which goes to show that one man’s meat is another man’s …

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Donisthorpe Hall provides residential, nursing and dementia care for a maximum of 189 residents. Care is provided in seven specialist units. The home has a longstanding association with the Jewish community in Leeds but also offers care to people of other faiths or beliefs.

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