24 hours of fundraising for Donisthorpe

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 24 hours of fundraising for Donisthorpe

So the walk is upon us, the brave walkers will be setting off on at 9.00am on Sunday and will be covering 60 miles of the Leeds Country Way. The walk is organised by Alexandra Myers Donisthorpe’s fundraising co-ordinator and Carnegie and I am part of the support team as is Kevin Craker who is the Donisthorpe maintenance manager, Kevin will be driving the minibus throughout the night. Our shift commences at 7.30pm and will end at 8.00am Monday morning. We will be at the stop off points providing drinks and snacks throughout the night and preparing breakfast for the walkers from 4.00am onwards.

The menu is porridge followed by scrambled eggs on toast. Half of me dreads the idea of being up all night but the other half remembers last year, the determination of the walkers who managed to keep going and the great feeling of bonhomie throughout the night. In addition the sense of euphoria as all the walkers came up the Donisthorpe drive at the end of 60 miles, it was fantastic and I am sure it will be just the same this time. In addition have you tried saying no to Alexandra Myers!!!!!!

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Donisthorpe Hall provides residential, nursing and dementia care for a maximum of 189 residents. Care is provided in seven specialist units. The home has a longstanding association with the Jewish community in Leeds but also offers care to people of other faiths or beliefs.

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